Flex is a genuine real-time software debugger designed specifically for embedded system development. Operating independently of debugging hardware, target processor and code generation tools, flex provides a universal front-end to the complete range of FlexTools offered by Noral. Flex is therefore available as a front-end debugger background debug mode hardware and simulators. 

Flex loads all the industry standard debug file formats so it is compatible with all the popular compulers and linkers. You can therefore develop your application using any of your preferred C/C++ code generating tools.

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Flex includes an integrated 'C' macro language for creating custom test and development scripts. So it is very easy to create test suites, automate repetitive tests and customize just about any part of your debugging environment. 


  • Hosted by Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows '95 / 98 and Windows 2000/NT/XP
  • Truly user friendly and highly intuitive interface 
  • Support for C, C++, assembler etc. 
  • Compatible with all the popular development toolchains 
  • Context sensitive local menus 
  • Comprehensive help system 
  • Step into, over, until etc. 
  • Got to function, end of function, module etc. 
  • Access breakpoints, execution breakpoints, refresh (update windows) points 
  • Powerful MACE macro language
  • Programmable shortcut buttons and toolbars 
  • Watch and Inspect windows for viewing complex data structures and other variables 
  • Locals windows for viewing variables associated with each function 
  • Function call stack 

Processor Support

  • ColdFire® Architecture MCF5307
  • ColdFire Architecture MCF5206e, MCF5206, MCF5204, MCF5203, MCF5202 
  • 68HC12 - 68HC912B32, 68HC12BC32, 68HC12D60, 68HC12DG128, 68HC12DA128, 68HC12A4, Star 12 family
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